New Project

2016-01-27 21:51:04 by guilleum2

My friend Degelraadio and I are starting a collaborative project in February. It's going to be an animated short about insects. That's about all I want to say about it for now. Model sheets and environments will be posted on Tumblr (same usernames for us both) and maybe here if I like what I have... ^^;

Preproduction begins in February. I'll keep you all posted on the process as it proceeds.

Life Blues

2016-01-20 18:08:49 by guilleum2

I'm having a hard time getting my foot in the door of the art entertainment company biz. There's almost nothing here in NC which is terrible. The only thing I can think of to do is go to grad school and hope a Master's can give me a leg up.

P-Bot's Daily Picks today!

2015-12-06 10:09:15 by guilleum2

My animation is #4! Wow that's so cool ;w;

Thanks guys!

Patreon is LIVE!

2015-11-07 12:31:51 by guilleum2

My Patreon page is finally set up! If anyone is interested... I'll still be posting content here when I finish all the things I'm working on.

Also a warm welcome to my new followers! Thanks for stopping by :3

News, maybe... >_>

2015-09-14 15:59:46 by guilleum2

Hey folks,

I just wanted to give a run down of what's going on in the art department with me. My animations have come to a stand-still at this time because I am so frustrated with them. I don't know how to move forward and I get easily overwhelmed.

Art stuff... well I just post the best of what I draw to here. All my sketches and concepts go to Tumblr.

But I am still here, yes. That's the main thing I wanted to mention. I'm just very busy with school right now and slugging through a lot of work.

I see I have fans...

2015-05-26 22:15:33 by guilleum2

Well hello there! It's really lovely to see that a have a couple supporters on this website.

I really never thought I would use NewGrounds at all because I've always been on deviantART (7 years now I think) and now Tumblr (for my webcomic) but this website is great for animation and feedback.

I'm really glad I started using this site and I hope you guys like what I put out. I've got some stuff in the works as well as continuing work on my animations. Thanks so much for your support!

(Also if anyone is interested I have a Patreon page in the works for my traditional work)

Update I guess

2015-01-13 00:31:11 by guilleum2

I think I should start posting on this site more. I seem to get a lot more helpful and encouraging feedback than anywhere else.

I'm working on another animation, more like an animatic, but its something since my AMV is still slow going nowhere...

And I may have a simple series coming around soon. It's kind of a fucked up Pokemon fanfiction that came out of a conversation my friend and I had so we decided to collab.